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How long should brake discs and brake pads last?

There is no fixed lifespan for brake components. Brake discs can last between 50,000km to 100,000km and brake pads should last between 25,000 to 55,000km. However, this depends heavily on many factors, such as the kind of vehicle you drive, the road conditions you drive in, and your driving habits.

There are actually many more variables, so even comparing usage data from the same car can give very different results because of all these factors.



How do I know when to replace my brake pads?

Most brake pads come with an audible wear indicator. This is a small metal attachment that will make contact with the brake disc when the pads are worn out. When the pads are worn, it will make a very loud, high-pitched noise, signaling that it's time to replace your brake pads.

For modern high-end vehicles, there is a brake pad wear sensor attached to the brake pad, which sends a signal to the car's ECU to display a warning light on the dashboard. The symbol for a brake pad change is a red or orange circle with six short lines around it - three on each side. This may or may not have an exclamation point in the middle of the circle.

As a rule of thumb, it is always good to ask your mechanic to inspect your brake discs, brake pads, and brake fluid on your car whenever you do an oil change.



How do I know when to replace my brake discs?

Brake discs must be replaced when the disc thickness is below the minimum thickness as specified by the car's manufacturer. This measurement can be found usually on the edge of the brake disc itself or in the car's owner's manual. In the event you can't find the minimum thickness, you can also go to BREMBOPARTS.COM website, where minimum thickness levels are listed for nearly all vehicles.

As a rule of thumb, it is always good to ask your mechanic to inspect your brake discs, brake pads, and brake fluid on your car whenever you do an oil change.



Why should I choose Brembo?

We can give you three good reasons to choose Brembo:

1. Brembo is world's leading brake manufacturer, supplying both road car and race car brake systems for the biggest brands - Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Toyota Gazoo Racing and more. And now Brembo's legendary quality, safety and performance is available for almost all cars on the road.

2. Affordable Quality Near You. Getting the best performing products for your car doesn't have to break the bank. Brembo Aftermarket brake pads start at just P2,000. You don't have to search too far to get them, either. With over 100 Brembo Official Dealers nationwide, it's easy to get Brembo for your car. And if you aren't sure where to buy, contact AutoPerformance Ph and we can help you find a Brembo Official Dealer near you.

3. These are the most proven brake components in the Philippines. Brembo Premium Ceramic brake pads are outfitted to every car of the Toyota Vios Cup. These are not special track or race pads, but the same product used for everyday road cars.

It's not just in the Vios Cup - champions in the FlatOut Race Series, Philippine Autocross Championship Series, Race Motorsports Club Slalom Series and Philippine Rallycross Series have used Brembo brake pads installed in their race cars. No other brake pad can claim to be successful in the Philippines in as many different racing disciplines as Brembo!



Are Brembo brakes available for my car?

Brembo Premium Ceramic brake pads are available for 90% of all vehicles on the road in the Philippines. Whether it is a Japanese, European, American, or Korean vehicle, from hatchbacks, to sedans, to pickups and SUVs, chances are Brembo has top quality brake pads for you.

You can also search for Brembo parts for your car in the BREMBOPARTS.COM online parts catalog.

For high performance applications, however, not all vehicles have a Brembo component that is applicable. CONTACT US for what high performance options we may have for your vehicle.



How much are Brembo brakes?

The pricing depends on the vehicle fitment, as well as the kind of Brembo product you need. 

Brembo Premium Ceramic brake pads start at P2,000 and up, while Brembo aftermarket replacement brake discs start at P4,000 and up.

Brembo Xtra and Brembo Sport brake pads start at P5,000, while Brembo Max, Xtra, and Sport rotors start at P8,000 and up.

Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) big brake kit prices vary depending on the application.

For 2 to 4 piston caliper kits with one-piece discs, prices range from P120,000 to P140,000.

For 4 piston caliper kits with two-piece floating discs, prices range from P190,000 to P250,000.

For 6 piston caliper kits with two-piece floating discs, prices range from P250,000 to P320,000.

Please note that the prices for Brembo GT big brake kits are per axle (front or rear).



What Brembo product is best for me?

It depends on what you use your vehicle for.

If you are buying brakes for a daily driver, we recommend Brembo's Premium Ceramic brake pads. They offer a combination of performance, comfort and reliability in all conditions, and they are affordable. These work best with Brembo aftermarket replacement brake discs.

If you need something for a car that has been modified for more power, or for something for mild track use, Brembo Xtra pads or Brembo Sport HP1000 pads are for you. They provide even more stopping power, while still usable in normal road conditions. These, combined with Brembo Max (slotted), Brembo Xtra (drilled), or Brembo Sport discs offer a great upgrade while using OEM components.

For heavily tuned cars and for most local race applications, the Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) big brake kit is the best choice. Each kit is engineered specifically for your specific car, and there are several disc and pad options available to suit your needs - from road and occasional track use up to full racing applications.



Where can I buy Brembo products?

We have over 100 Brembo Official Dealers nationwide - from North Luzon to Mindanao. Check out our BREMBO OFFICIAL DEALER LIST to get genuine Brembo parts near you. Most of our dealers can install your brakes for you, too.

Do you prefer to DIY, or have a private mechanic? Maybe we don't have a dealer in your area just yet? You can order Brembo products from the BREMBO OFFICIAL STORE in Lazada, operated by AutoPerformance Ph, for a hassle free purchase.

Have special requests, or need Brembo for motorsport? CONTACT US and let us know what you need, so we can come up with a braking solution specific to your needs.



How can I make sure that I am buying genuine Brembo products?

Sadly, there are countless sellers offering counterfeit Brembo brakes. Some of these fakes look just like the real thing, though they will not have the same safety, durability, or performance as the real thing.

Make sure you are buying from a Brembo Official Dealer. If you are not sure if the shop you are dealing with is a Brembo Official Dealer, check out our BREMBO OFFICIAL DEALER LIST. This list is updated monthly, so if the shop you are dealing with is not listed there, CONTACT US and we can verify if you are dealing with a Brembo Official Dealer, or to help you find a dealer near you.

You can also buy genuine Brembo Aftermarket brake parts from the BREMBO OFFICIAL STORE in Lazada.



What is better? Cross-drilled or slotted brake discs?

It depends on how you use your car.

Cross-drilled discs are slightly lighter than drilled discs, dissipate heat faster,are better at water dispersion and make less noise. They are slightly less durable than slotted discs in the most extreme conditions, but more that strong enough for even track use. This is usually best for road cars, or cars that see some action on a racetrack.

Slotted discs can shave off the top layer of the brake pad, ensuring fresh friction material contacts with the disc. This means more immediate stopping power. It is also slightly sturdier than drilled discs. However, they do shorten the lifespan of your brake pads, especially when used for repeated heavy braking. These are more suitable for more track-focused cars, or race cars. In addition, Brembo offers several slot patterns - each designed for specific motorsport disciplines.



What is the temperature range of Brembo brake pads?

Before we answer this question, temperature range does not address performance or stopping power. All it does is state at what operating temperatures brake pads are at their best in. This is not a good basis for choosing brake pads unless you are in professional racing.

Brembo does not publish temperature ranges for its line of replacement or sport brake pads. They are, however, tested for use from snowy conditions to summers in the desert, meaning they are designed to work in any temperature you will encounter on the road, or over a few laps on a track.

If you are choosing brake pads for professional motorsport, Brembo has several pad compounds - each specifically engineered for specific racing disciplines. Take note, however, that these are not suitable for road use, as their temperature range may be too high for normal driving conditions. In some cases pro motorsport brake pads will require warming up the brakes before competition - usually with tire warmers, or by applying the brakes in the warmup or parade lap before a race.



I have an automotive repair shop. How can I apply to be a dealer?

CONTACT US and we will give you a list of requirements for dealer applications. It is easy and painless, and carrying genuine Brembo products tells your customers that your business is serious about quality, safety, and performance.



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